A high-quality, student-centered approach

The School of Business & Society at the University of Redlands has provided business education to over 30,000 professionals in Southern California for more than 40 years. Offering an ACBSP-accredited curriculum featuring 21st Century Business Skills, our programs develop the integrative, analytical, spatial, ethical, collaborative, entrepreneurial, and global competencies that enable graduates to advance their careers in private, governmental, and non-profit organizations. 

Anchoring the school's degree programs are a multi-faceted MBA with optional concentrations in location analytics, finance, global business, and marketing, along with an advanced degree focused on purposeful leadership. We are a military-friendly and millennial-friendly institution, and take pride in the fact that 96% of our graduates would recommend the School of Business & Society to a friend or colleague. 

The School of Business & Society invites you to consider joining the 1,400 current students who have chosen to advance their careers through our distinguished offerings. 

Academic Offerings

Please note that scheduling limitations may apply.

 Program Options



12-month or 18-month MBA 
For students with an undergraduate degree in Business
12-month or 24-month MBA
For students with an undergraduate degree in any subject
14-month Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
For students with an undergraduate degree in any subject
18-month Master of Science in Business Analytics
For students with an undergraduate degree in any subject

School of Business & Society Locations

UofR Regional Campus Locations Map-OL-wMarin 032522-01.png

The University of Redlands School of Business & Society offers degree programs and certificates at our main campus in Redlands, at regional campuses throughout southern California, online, and at our newest campus in Marin County. 

Not all programs are held at all campuses, so be sure to visit the campus pages for complete details.